Alcohol Water Methanol Injection Ford Mustang EcoBoost Direct Port Nozzle Kit

Alcohol Water Methanol Injection Ford Mustang EcoBoost Direct Port Nozzle Kit

Alcohol Water Methanol Injection Ford Mustang EcoBoost Direct Port Nozzle Kit
FORD MUSTANG ECOBOOST DIRECT PORT METHANOL INJECTION - ProMeth is proud to announce direct port water methanol injection kits for the Ford Mustang 2.3L Ecoboost engine. Constructed from a combination of pre-formed heavy-duty stainless steel seamless tubing, stainless steel braided hoses, distribution block and high-pressure hose connections. Additionally, our systems will not degrade or break down over time due to heat as will plastic tubing and push connect style fittings.

Our direct port kits are made to function and last a lifetime free of issues. LESS ENGINE KNOCK MORE BOOST - Its becoming more obvious than ever before that our fuel, pump gas, is limiting the performance potential of our engines.

As car manufactures reduce the displacement of engines and turbochargers are used to increase the engines output, todays engines operate on the borderline between optimal efficiency and detonation. Our fuel is being pushed to its limits and struggling to support a combustion process free of engine knock, limiting us from running higher levels of boost and achieving the greater performance potential our engines are capable of. Water methanol injection immediately lifts the performance boundaries of pump gas and is becoming a common technique in todays times for controlling engine knock, allowing for higher levels of boost and greater performance from our engines. The advantages and benefits of adding a direct port methanol injection system to a Ford EcoBoost dont stop there. ELIMINATE CARBON BUILD UP - Ford Ecoboost direct injection engines are prone to carbon build up on the backside of the intake valves.

The main reason is that fuel and added detergents are not hitting the back of the intake valves as you have with port injection. By injecting the fuel directly into the cylinder instead of at the back of the valve, the gasoline and detergents cant clean the valve and port.

Carbon is allowed to build up and can lead to an assortment of issues such as idle and drivability problems, loss of power, poor fuel economy, hard starts and misfire codes. Direct port water methanol injection solves this problem and is extremely effective at removing carbon build up on the backside of the intake valves and preventing future build up from occurring. MORE FUEL MORE POWER - Performance enthusiasts looking to make more power know the Ford Ecoboost engines can quickly run out of fuel, limiting them from reaching higher levels of performance. Adding direct port methanol injection can provide an extra 25% increase in additional fuel enrichment raising the ceiling and ability to make a more horsepower vs the factory fuel system alone.

Pre formed stainless hose (4). 4AN to 1/8 NPT fitting, straight (2) (connecting stainless steel hose). 1/4" push connect adapter fitting (1) (connecting 1/4" nylon tubing). Billet aluminum logo engraved nozzle holders (hard coat black anodized).

Billet aluminum logo engraved distribution block (hard coat black anodized). Pre-formed seamless stainless steel hoses w/4AN swivel nuts. Stainless steel braided hose with Teflon inner jacket w/4AN hose ends. Steel zinc plated tube flare back-up sleeves.

Brass nickel plated flare-less compression fittings. Direct port system rated for over 1000 psi. Rated up to 400 degree's F. Stainless steel tube cutting tool required for installation. Does not include intake manifold - manifold shown in picture for display purposes. New Ford intake manifold with direct port injection installed is available as an option.

Does not require flaring of hoses - hoses come pre-flared on one end. Stainless steel hard lines are provided longer and require cutting for final installation. Adapter fittings for connecting 1/4 nylon tubing and 4AN stainless hose are provide. The item "Alcohol Water Methanol Injection Ford Mustang EcoBoost Direct Port Nozzle Kit" is in sale since Thursday, July 27, 2017.

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Alcohol Water Methanol Injection Ford Mustang EcoBoost Direct Port Nozzle Kit